For removal of the vulcanised semi-conducting screen
Up to 1.5mm thick on Medium and High Voltage cables having thickness of insulation in the range 10-52mm.

Technical characteristics:

Anodised Aluminium construction provides an extremely light and robust tool. Contact surfaces are coated to provide low frictional resistance. The change over lever allows activation / de-activation of axial movement. Removal of the screen can start or stop at any point required. Axial movement in both directions possible. The shape of the blade ensures that the end of the screen layer will always be conical. Blade constructed of temped steel. Cutting depth using special blade with stripping depth with 17° cone from 0 to 1.5 mm adjustable. Cutting depth can be limited or blocked. Very small rotation dia of 220mm max. Shaved screen deflected away using the guiding device on the tool.


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