Druseidt specialise, design and manufacture a vast array of contact saddle arrangements to suit the electroplating and anodising industries.

The Druseidt high current contact saddles can be designed to cater for almost all requirements.

Available with or without a stainless steel protective cover made out of A4 steel.

There can be a difference between the contact BUS / product carries of 10-15mm without the need to change or rebuild the contact parts. This is extremely beneficial when working with damaged or bent bus-bars or carriers with varying thicknesses.

Key features and benefits of the High Current Contact Saddles include;

  • Reduction in electrical losses
  • Reduction in costly repairs
  • Reduction in system down time
  • Highest quality German made product
  • Available generally from 500amp to 5000amp configuration
  • Unit is capable of self cleaning to a degree
  • Extra cleaning systems are available
  • Space savings due to compact design
  • Available with and without pneumatic support

Druseidt can assist from conceptualisation through to implementation of the system.

Please click on the link below to download product data.

Druseidt Contact Saddles – Technical data catalogue


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