Druseidt have designed and developed a hydro – pneumatically activated high current contact system for anodising and electroplating plants. The unit is known as the TITAN.

The Titan is designed to reduce electrical contact resistance through working with higher contact pressure.
The Titan utilises a force booster which assists with realising constant pressure up to some thousands of Newtons per contact finger.

To elaborate on the effectiveness, when working with normal movable contact fingers it is possible to realise values of 200 N and this can be increased to more than 1000 N when operating a standard pneumatically operated contact.
The Titan was developed to achieve a similar result to a screw connection according to German Din directives, hence tremendous contact performance between 2000 N to 16000 N.

The Titan is covered with a stainless steel protective cover, is easy to install and is actuated through water and not oil alleviating contamination issues.

With high contact forces and minimised contact resistance comes a higher quality electrical connection and therefore optimal performance.

Key features and benefits of the Titan include;

  • Extensive reduction in electrical losses
  • Reduction in costly repairs
  • Reduction in system down time
  • Highest quality German made product
  • Available generally from 3000amp to 15000amp configuration
  • Unit is capable of self cleaning to a degree
  • Extra cleaning systems are available

Druseidt can assist from conceptualisation through to implementation of the system.

Please click on the link below to download product data.

Druseidt TITAN Technical data catalogue


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