Cooper Power Systems are proud to be able to provide a comprehensive range of  Surge Arresters to suit a great many applications.

Arrester types include Non Linear Metal Oxide enclosed in porcelain,  Polymer housed, Ceramic Ring Assemblies, Silicone Rubber Housings and even the Low Voltage  –  High Energy industry first “Storm Trapper” Surge Arrester.

Please click on the links below to download product data.

Ultrasil Polymer Housed Varistar UI Arrester

Ultrasil Housed Varistar Arrester up to 36kV

Ultrasil Polymer Housed Evolution Surge Arrester

Varistar AZs Normal Duty Surge Arrester

Varistar AZL Heavy Duty Arrester

Varistar Heavy Duty Surge Arrester

Storm Trapper High Energy Low Voltage Arrester

Secondary Arresters and Protective Gaps


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